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If you go back to the Drive page instead of your dash, is the data frozen there too or is it just your dash?

Send the App's Event Log (Settings/Send the Event Log) and I'll take a look. Post when you have sent the event log.

1 year ago

Try the suggestions in the Getting Started document's Troubleshooting section.

But if the LEDs still do not light up and you can install the Firmware Update program, you can try the Repair option followed by the firmware update.

Otherwise you'll need to send your Adapter in for repair.

1 year ago

See the link below for instructions on updating your Adapter's firmware.

Firmware Update Link

1 year ago

Important Note: This update has been superseded with Firmware 3.23. If your Adapter has a 3.22 Firmware you need to update it to 3.23 or send it in for the update.

3.22 Updates:
    •  Added a firmware update date.
    •  BLE Adapters will reboot if the connection fails.
    •  Increased the initial heartbeat timeout to allow for better first connections.
    •  The Adapter will wait for all data requests to be sent from the App before responding with data.
    •  Changed the Adapter Heartbeat to 30 seconds and Heartbeat Interval to 5 seconds for 2.1 and 3.1 Adapters.
    •  Rebooting after App disconnection will show red LEDs through the entire reboot cycle.
    •  Fixed Testing the Adapter LEDs blinking green/red after a test and the ignition is turned off.
    •  Fixed bug where ECM data is not transmitted to the Adapter when the key is turned on for the first time. Patched in App version 9.6.0.
    •  Fixed bug where 'Key On' is sent incorrectly after disconnecting with key on and reconnecting with key off. Patched in App version 9.5.7.
    •  Removed the 6-Pin specific version but still fully compatible with 6-pin Adapters.
    •  Added persistent storage for the Adapter serial number, and hardware and firmware versions.
    •  Supports the new 4.1 Adapter compatible with App version 9.6.4+.

3.22.1 Updates:
    •  Internal improvements to App connection.
    •  Compatible with App version 9.6.6+.
    •  Available with Firmware Update version 6.2.1.

3.22.2 Updates:
    •  The Adapter's Serial Number and Build Date are verified before sending to the App.
    •  Available with Firmware Update version 6.2.2.

3.22.3 Updates:
    •  Fixed 4.1 Adapters not connecting to the App.
    •  Fixed J1708 initial data not being retrieved.
    •  Reboots immediately if user data has not changed.
    •  Internal improvements.
    •  Available with Firmware Update 6.2.3.

3.22.4 Updates:
    •  Fixed the Adapter not going to sleep.
    •  Improved connection reliability.
    •  The Adapter will silently reboot under the following conditions:
        •  After it goes to sleep.
        •  When it is disconnected from the App.
        •  Every 2 hours if not connected to the App.
    •  After the 2 hour reboot, the user reset timer will be restarted to allow a user reset.
    •  Available with Firmware Update 7.0.0.
        •  Firmware Update 7.0.0 now only needs to be downloaded and installed once.
        •  Updated firmware files are automatically downloaded from the Internet.

3.22.6 Updates:
    •  Faster App connection.
    •  More reliable App connection for 3.1 Adapters.
    •  Fixed Adapter Build Year of 2038.
    •  Possible improvement to J1708 data retrieval.
    •  Exceptions will wait 15 seconds to allow for a Firmware re-flash.

3.22.7 Updates:
    •  Internal updates and improvements.

3.22.8 Updates
    •  J1708 data will be ignored if suspended (App setting 'Optimize Data Retrieval').
    •  Suspending J1708 will free up memory.
    •  Internal updates.

3.22.9 Updates:
    •  More reliable connection and data retrieval.
    •  Internal updates and improvements.

1 year ago


This version does not support Truck ELD. The 3.19.2 ELD version is available for download in our Store.

3.21 Updates:

    •  Possible connection and performance improvements.
    •  Adapter data will not be saved until the App disconnects. This reduces the number of times the Adapter LEDs go solid red.
    •  Fixed retrieving J1708 Fuel Used, Idle Fuel Used, Total Hours, Idle Hours (from 3.20.0). Note, this is patched in App version 9.2.0.

1 year ago


This version does not support Truck ELD. The 3.19.2 ELD version is available for download in our Store.

3.20 Updates:

    •  Removed ELD, GPS and Time functionality.
    •  J1708 data is polled along with input from the Com port interrupt.

1 year ago

3.19 Updates:

    •  Added support for J1708 Extended Pids (Boost Pressure > 32).
    •  Turning off the App heartbeat will not cause an Adapter heartbeat timeout.
    •  Requires App versions 4.3.0+ (Motorhomes) or 6.3.0+ (Trucks).

3.19.1 Updates:

    •  Internal improvements.
    •  Android and Windows use the large 264 byte BLE client packet.
    •  Compatible with App versions 1.0.0+ (Motorhomes) or 4.12.0+ (Trucks).

3.19.2 Updates:

    •  Fixed adapter going dark (no LEDs) when it should not.
    •  Added the ability to change the J1708 Data Bus Timeout value.
    •  Fixed adapter not recognizing ignition key off for certain J1708 conditions.
    •  Longer adapter notification messages can now be sent to the App.

1 year ago

3.18 Updates:

    •  A Factory Reset command from the App now performs a factory reset.
    •  A faulty Bluetooth 2.1 Classic chip will blink the red led continuously.

3.18.1 Updates:

    •  Internal changes to support production manufacturing.

1 year ago

3.17 Updates:

    •  Improved J1708 (6-pin) data retrieval.

1 year ago

Adapter Firmware Version 3.16 and lower are no longer supported.

1 year ago