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Pamela did get in contact with Customer Service.

2 months ago

I just did a quick check and the BlueFire Dash Repository connected and I was able to view submitted dashboards.

5 months ago

In settings, have you tried unchecking the "Connect to last Adapter"?

5 months ago

Just something to check.  In Settings, are you using the same email address that you used when you purchased the BlueFire?  I have several email accounts, and I was using a different one for sending logging data to BlueFire.  Anyway, when I updated the software I got the unregistered warning.  When I changed the email address back it registered with no issues.

6 months ago

Ronn Axx,
The Samsung tablet, what version of Android is it running?  That might help Mark figure out what the issue could be.

7 months ago
Fuel range

Go to Customize Gauge.  Click on Add/remove gauge.  Select Text Gauge.  Scroll down the list to Distance remaining, select gauge.

8 months ago

Hi John,
I'm just a user like you so....blind leading the blind!  :)  I think, in order to install the latest firmware, 3.23.0, you have to use the latest firmware loader.  Here is a link to the BlueFire Firmware page.
Hope this helps,

8 months ago

Did you also update the adapter firmware?  Did you uncheck the connect to last adapter box?  Once the software connects to the adapter you can then re-check the connect to last adapter box.

9 months ago

First off, both of these parameters provide information, just not the information I was hoping to get.  The Average mpg is the total ave. mpg over all the miles driven, same as the total fuel useage is over all the miles driven.

What I was looking for was having a resettable Ave mpg that I could use in between legs of a trip. So, I would have the Trip Ave mpg running and another Ave mpg that I could reset at the beginning of a day's drive. (Similar to the trip meter and distance driven)

I would also like a fuel used indicator that would be resettable via the Fill Up button.  Yes, I could just use the fuel level indicator and do the math in my head but....


9 months ago

Finally got the rig back on the road and figured out how to use the Fuel Correction factors.  I found that in order to get my Trip Average MPG to read close to my hand calculated mpg, I had to add a correction factor of +5%.  Yes, I am a nerd!  :)

9 months ago