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The only thing that worked for me was going back to version 9.7.0

I tried everything on different tablets, always the same outcome: initializing loop.
Version 9.7.0 works fine for me, I trie to hold on to this version, no upgrades.

2 weeks ago

I did all you requested.
After installing, and starting the app (stall while initializing on all devices) the directories are created but contains only one file ( ringtone.mp3), as shown on the pictures I sent you.

I did the same install on the following devices, all with the same result

- mobile phone One Plus Nord 2T 5G running android 12
- Lenovo tablet Tab M10 FHD Plus running android 10
- Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab A running android 11
- Samsung tablet GT-N8000 running LineageOS 18 (android 11)


3 months ago

this is a follow up from my last topic.

As I mentioned in this previous topic I downgraded to v 9.7.1
I can connect to this version, but the app freezes after a few seconds to minutes.

I'm on the road with my RV at the moment, and when I left home one 11 december, v 9.7.0 was running with no issues.

Today I upgraded to the latest version 9.7.4 but the problem remains exactly the same. Trying to connect, initializing en freezing.

I did a searh on the internet to find a copy off the v9.7.0 apk, without succes. Earlier and later versions are no problem to find, only v 9.7.0 is nowhere available.

Since this is for me the last working copy, I would like to ask you if it is possible to send me a copy through email with the apk for this version 9.7.0

It is very frustrating being on the road, and start the app every day before departure hoping that it is gonna work, unfortunately until now....


3 months ago

The Samsung tablet is only used for testing and runs on Lineage.

The lenovo tablet is a dedicated tablet that, besides the original apps installed from factory, only runs the bluefire app.
The Lenovo tablet runs on android 10.

I did all as you asked, and manually add the permissions for the bluefire app. I could only grant permission for Location, storage and adjust system settings. I  have no other options than I can choose from. The result remains the same, app starts but freezes while initializing.

I wen't back to v 9.7.1 and now I can connect to the adapter, but I could not try it on the road yet.

3 months ago

I tried all of that

I even did a complete reset to factory settings, then installed bluefire, but the app hangs from the first seconde.
Just "initializing", then the message "app won't react,  close app or wait"

If I choose "wait" the screen shows "initializing" all day.

3 months ago

Last week I updated to v 9.7.3.
The app won't start and keeps initializing.

I unplugged the adapter, and re-inserted. Leds are blinking blue, then red, then no led's (sleep)

I tried installing the app on a Lenovo and Samsung tablet and also on a oneplus phone.

No difference: on all systems the app  stays initializing.
I have no acces to any settings or dashboards, so the Bluefire is, at this time, completly useless.

hopefully a quick fix please.


3 months ago

Tried changing the settings but the app freezes after connection.

I use the app on a Lenovo tablet.
I installed the app on a Samsung tablet also with the exact same result.

On my OnePlus mobile phone, the app runs with no issues.

Today I updated to v9.7.3 and again it's getting worse.
On the tablets and the phone the app starts with the message "initializing..."
That's it... after more than an hour still no home screen.



4 months ago

I'm underway at the moment. When I left I had v9.7.0 running, most of the time without issues.

The update to v 9.7.1 didn't work any better for me. App stopped working after 20 minutes of use.

Now with v 9.7.2, it's a total loss. Connect to the adapter, blue led blinking, connect, green led blinking a few times, then blue led blinking.
The only information that comes too the screen is the info available when starting the engine, speed zero, revs 538. After minutes off driving, the speed changes to example 5 m/h while driving 45.
The app freezes, fuel and other gauges are displaying the same values as what y started .
I can restart the app as many times, always the same results.
I did send you the last log file an hour ago.

I uninstalled, and reinstalled the app but nothing changed


4 months ago

Since I live in Belgium, it does not seem feasible, given the shipping costs, to return the adapter for the update from BLE 3.1 to BLE 4.1.

Over the past year there were a lot of updates of the app or firmware. These updates come automatically when the app is started, where you have to click each time to view the changes and install the update.
Naturally, these messages come in when I start the engine and am ready to go. Clicking "OK" one time too many and a new version is installed, which then does not run as hoped.

Personally, I don't think this is the best way. I've had previous versions of the app that worked completely flawlessly for me, but where new problems arose after an update. After installing an update you can't go back to a previous version.

Wouldn't it be possible to have the updates not run automatically, but through a "check for updates" button in the menu, and also provide a possibility to revert to previous versions?


6 months ago

sorry for the delay, we were on vacation last week.

About an hour ago I sent my log file.

I should add that, during our holiday trip, the app (v 9.6.9) crashed every ten to 20 minutes.
Each time close and restart the app and then good for another 10-20 minutes

I inserted a picture from the adapter, can  I upgrade the firmware to BLE 4.1 or should I stay with v3.1
link to picture:


6 months ago