Monday, March 20, 2023 10:15:47 PM

v9.7.4, still no progress about initializing

1 month ago
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this is a follow up from my last topic.

As I mentioned in this previous topic I downgraded to v 9.7.1
I can connect to this version, but the app freezes after a few seconds to minutes.

I'm on the road with my RV at the moment, and when I left home one 11 december, v 9.7.0 was running with no issues.

Today I upgraded to the latest version 9.7.4 but the problem remains exactly the same. Trying to connect, initializing en freezing.

I did a searh on the internet to find a copy off the v9.7.0 apk, without succes. Earlier and later versions are no problem to find, only v 9.7.0 is nowhere available.

Since this is for me the last working copy, I would like to ask you if it is possible to send me a copy through email with the apk for this version 9.7.0

It is very frustrating being on the road, and start the app every day before departure hoping that it is gonna work, unfortunately until now....

1 month ago
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Try the following:

1. Uninstall the App.
2. Delete any BlueFire App folders.
3. Side-loading 9.7.4 from these links -
4. Start the App.
5. If it stalls on Initializing, close it.
6. Go to the BlueFire App folder.
7. Send me a screenshot of the folder.
8. Send me the Eventlog.txt file if it's there.
1 month ago
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I did all you requested.
After installing, and starting the app (stall while initializing on all devices) the directories are created but contains only one file ( ringtone.mp3), as shown on the pictures I sent you.

I did the same install on the following devices, all with the same result

- mobile phone One Plus Nord 2T 5G running android 12
- Lenovo tablet Tab M10 FHD Plus running android 10
- Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab A running android 11
- Samsung tablet GT-N8000 running LineageOS 18 (android 11)