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Faulty distance remaining

1 year ago
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I've been having trouble calculating the fuel economy for some time now.

I thought everything was fine until version 9.5.7? In any case, it has worked well.

Since the updates follow so quickly, I thought that the problem would have been noticed and solved by now, but unfortunately, the problem does not appear to be solved with the current version 9.6.8.

I work under the metric system, have a tank capacity of 380l, an average instant fuel economy of about 3.5 - 4.5 kpl.
With a full tank, the remaining distance is 4465 km, which is impossible.
The average fuel economy indicates approximately 12.3 kpl.

Is there any way to fix this

1 year ago
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I checked again and came to the following conclusion:

I use the app with metrics settings.
When I check the life to date I get the following values:
Odometer: 47571.8km
Total Hours: 383.8
Idle hours: 145.2
Fuel used: 3858.7 ltr
Idle Used: 479.2

Now the average fuel economy indicates 12.3 kpl or 28.9 mpg.

When I assume that the fuel Used is not 3858.7 liters but 3858.7 gallons, I arrive at a total consumption of 14606.76 liters.

This gives an average consumption of 3.26 kpl (7.67 mpg), which in turn corresponds better with the real consumption

1 year ago
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Hi Ron,
I spoke with Mark, and he is pushing hard to finalize the firmware for the 4.1 adapter.  He believes he will be able to shake loose and get back to you soon about the Metric/English conversion issues you have identified.
Thanks for your patience,
Steve Whitaker
2018 Fleetwood Discovery 40D
1 year ago
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I have added this to the bug list for the next version. Thanks for pointing it out.
1 year ago
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@Ronn Axx - Send me the App’s event log (Settings/Send the Event Log) so I can take a look. Let me know when you have sent the event log.
1 year ago
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sorry for the delay, we were on vacation last week.

About an hour ago I sent my log file.

I should add that, during our holiday trip, the app (v 9.6.9) crashed every ten to 20 minutes.
Each time close and restart the app and then good for another 10-20 minutes

I inserted a picture from the adapter, can  I upgrade the firmware to BLE 4.1 or should I stay with v3.1
link to picture: https://ibb.co/FVPb0f7

1 year ago
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Starting Monday 11/28, all adapters will be sent out or updated with the 4.1 hardware upgrade and the latest firmware (3.23.0). If you have a 3.1 adapter you still need to send it in the get the initial 4.1 upgrade.
1 year ago
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Since I live in Belgium, it does not seem feasible, given the shipping costs, to return the adapter for the update from BLE 3.1 to BLE 4.1.

Over the past year there were a lot of updates of the app or firmware. These updates come automatically when the app is started, where you have to click each time to view the changes and install the update.
Naturally, these messages come in when I start the engine and am ready to go. Clicking "OK" one time too many and a new version is installed, which then does not run as hoped.

Personally, I don't think this is the best way. I've had previous versions of the app that worked completely flawlessly for me, but where new problems arose after an update. After installing an update you can't go back to a previous version.

Wouldn't it be possible to have the updates not run automatically, but through a "check for updates" button in the menu, and also provide a possibility to revert to previous versions?

1 year ago
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Your persistent data total fuel used is somehow imperial. Try the following:

1. Reset Persistent Data by unchecking the 'Calculate Fuel Economy' and then rechecking it.

2. Remove your Fuel Used Offset (set it to 0).

Your existing trips will still be wrong but new trips should be correct.

The next App version (9.7.0) scheduled for this weekend will fix the App periodically "crashing".

You can set the App to not auto-update by Google. Just search for how to do it.