Monday, March 20, 2023 9:46:58 PM

Problem with Cerb-Family Driver

3 weeks ago
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Trying to update my device and follow directions to the letter several times.

Open device manager, navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/BlueFire LLC/BlueFire Firmware, Update/Driver. I opens to Bluefire llc, I open Bluefire Firmware Update, then click on the driver envelope and hit ok.

Comes back with Windows was unable to install you Cerb-Family
Windows could not find driver for your device.
2 weeks ago
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Hello from the other side... LOL. I was checking in so I can get this firmware updated, Thanks.
1 week ago
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Installing the driver is very picky. You do have to follow the instructions exactly. If it doesn't work you may be better off sending it in and you'll get the 4.1 hardware upgrade which you can't get from the Firmware Update program.
1 week ago
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When I go to C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueFIre LLC\BlueFire Firmware Update\Driver

I have the following contained within the driver file:

But I don't see a driver.

I get "Windows was unable to install you Cerb-Family
Windows could not find driver for your device"
6 days ago
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There has to be a simple fix to this as I see the other thread "Firmware Updating Instructions" where everyone is saying the same thing. I just need the actual driver that missing from the file location. How do I get that?
6 days ago
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took me several attempts to load the driver.  had to adjust router for FTP and realized there was a step I was skipping to upload the driver.  once FTP was set up and followed directions exactly firmware uploaded.