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Actually Installable?

3 weeks ago
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Is this new software actually installable? The new side-loading version will not load onto my tablet.  I have a Dell Latitude 3140 with 8g RAM running Win11 Pro 64bit.  
I've tried everything in the Getting Started doc as well as modifying Powershell as posted last week.  Powershell runs for a few seconds, flashes something very briefly on the screen then closes.  
Any other secret button combos, secret handshakes, etc to get this software installed?  
2 weeks ago
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I enabled additional features in Developer Mode, now it at least tries to install in PowerShell, but getting a developer certificate expired error.  

I've manually installed the certificates for both current user and local machine.

What else needs to happen for this software to be installed???
2 weeks ago
#261618 Quote
Found bundle: C:\Users\jtmar\OneDrive\Desktop\BlueFire_Apps_Sideload\Apps.Windows_9.7.402.0_x86_x64_arm_Sideload.appxbundle
Found certificate: C:\Users\jtmar\OneDrive\Desktop\BlueFire_Apps_Sideload\Apps.Windows_9.7.402.0_x86_x64_arm_Sideload.cer
Error: The developer certificate "C:\Users\jtmar\OneDrive\Desktop\BlueFire_Apps_Sideload\Apps.Windows_9.7.402.0_x86_x64_arm_Sideload.cer" has expired. One possible cause is the system clock isn't set to the correct date and time. If the system settings are correct, contact the app owner to re-create a package or bundle with a valid certificate.
Press Enter to continue...:
17 hours ago
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I discovered that most of the files for installation were listed as BLOCKED on my tablet.  Once I unblocked them, the install went as it should.