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Version 10.0

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10.0 Coming soon.

Why Version 10:

The development environment used to create BlueFire Apps was bought out by Microsoft and support will end at the end of this year. Microsoft rewrote the development environment and published a new development environment. BlueFire Apps Version 10 is the updated version using the new Microsoft development environment. Microsoft changed many things, fixed some, and introduced bugs in others.

BlueFire Apps Version 10 has been in the development phase along with Microsoft for the past year and is finally ready for release. Please be patient if you find bugs and report them to BlueFire Support.

The Adapter Firmware:

Version 10 no longer supports Adapter Firmware 3.17. If your Adapter's Firmware is 3.17 (see the App's About Page), you need to either not install Version 10 or send your Adapter in for an update. You can order an update from the Firmware Update Page.

Also, future App versions (not this one) will no longer support Adapters with 3.1 Hardware so it is highly recommended that when you have time, that you send your Adapter in for the latest Firmware update and the 4.1 Hardware upgrade which greatly improves the Adapter connection. Note that 2.1 Hardware Adapters (Bluetooth 2.1 Classic) will be supported with the latest Firmware.

To check if your Adapter has the 4.1 hardware upgrade, connect the Adapter, go to the App's About Page and look for the Hardware Version. If it doesn't show you can install the LightBlue App on an Apple or Android device and run it while the Adapter is plugged in. If you see BlueFire-EZ or BlueFire-EZ-C then you have a 4.1 Adapter. If you see BlueFire-LE then you have a 3.1 Adapter.

The Dash Repository:

All custom gauges have been rewritten and may not show on your dash exactly as before. Your custom dash may need to be tweaked to have it look the same as in version 9.7.5 (see Dash Conversion below).

Therefore, if you have a custom dash in the Dash Repository, you need to update it to Version 10, then upload it again. Over time, all non-Version 10 dashes will be removed from the Dash Repository.

Dash Conversion:

The App attempts to convert your custom dash to Version 10 as best as possible. However there still may be some anomalies with your gauges and dash. Below are a few known issues with the conversion.

    1.  Boxes and Borders may need to be adjusted.
    2.  Gauges 'Alignment' and 'Spacings' may need to be adjusted.
    3.  Horizontal Linear gauges may not be located correctly and need adjustment.

10.0.0 New Features:

    1. New 'Torque Mode' Text gauge.
    2. New 'Horsepower' Text and Graphic gauge (J1939 only).
    3. A 'Show Actual Torque' option has been added to Customize Gauges that will show the actual torque (ft-lbs or nm) instead of percent (J1939 only).
    4. A 'Max Torque' field has been added to the Settings page for use in calculating Actual Torque and Horsepower (J1939 only).
    5. Graphic gauges can now have borders around them.
    6. The concept of 'Frames' has been added to Customize Gauges.
    7. Alerts can be dismissed automatically by a set time.
    8. Custom dashes will show an optional Navigation Bar instead of the 'Next' and 'Prev' page buttons.

10.0.0 Updates:

    •  Customize Dash Page
        1. Added a ‘Show Next/Prev Navigation’ option.
        2. New Graphic gauges will show the default Ranges.
        3. Clear Dash will reset the Snap/Size to Grid options.
        4. The More Up/Down hint on the Add/Remove Gauges page now shows a graphic Up/Down/Both.

    •  Add/Remove Gauges Page
        1. Added a 'Torque Mode' Text gauge.
        2. Added a 'Horsepower' Text and Graphic gauge (J1939 only).
        3. The Z-Order page now shows the highest Z-Order first.
        4. Changing the Z-Order no longer allows drag and drop.
        5. Removing a gauge with multiple Z-Orders will alert but allow the removal.

     •  Dash Colors Page
        1. Added a 'Gauge Background' color.
        2. Changed the 'Apply' button text to 'Update'.
        3. The page will be set to night mode if Night Colors is selected.

     •  Customize Gauges Page
        1.  The 'Gauge Size' option now only shows the Percent. The Width/Height is moved to the 'Frame Size' option.
        2.  Added a ‘Frame Size’ option that shows the Width and Height of the gauge. It will automatically add borders around the gauge which you can change. If you remove the Frame (set Width/Height to 0) the borders will also be removed. Setting the Frame Width/Height to 1 will show the default value. You can then change the default value if needed.
        3.  Within a Frame, the 'Alignment' and 'Spacing' options will affect the Text gauge Name/Value. For Button gauges, the Alignment affects the Button, and Spacings affect the Name. For Graphic gauges (Circular, Linear) the Alignment affects the gauge, and Spacings affect the Name/Value. Negative Middle Spacing will reduce the space between the Name and Value.
        4.  With Frames and Spacings, it is now possible to place the Name/Value to the left or right of the gauge.
        5.  Added a 'Show Actual Torque' option that will show the actual torque (ft-lbs or nm) instead of percent (J1939 only).
        6.  Added a 'Show Fuel Level Volume' option (from the Fuel and DEF page) that will show fuel level volume instead of percent.
        7.  Vertical Linear gauges will now show the Name/Value at the bottom of the gauge.
        8.  Icon gauges (Buttons, Engine Status, Regen State, etc) will now show their name below the gauge.
        9.  Changing the Graphic gauges 'Name' will show the Name in the drop-down list.
        10. The 'Template Gauge' option can now be applied to both a Text gauge and a Button gauge.
        11. The 'Show Gauge' button will show the exact size and will scroll horizontally if needed (Windows only).
        12. The Navigation Bar has been added to the bottom of the page to allow navigation away from the Dash page.
        13. Numerous other updates and fixes.

     •  Gauge Colors Page
        1. Added a 'Gauge Background' color for Graphic gauges.
        2. Added an 'Update' button and a reminder alert.
        3. The page will be set to night mode if Night Colors is selected.

     •  View Dash Page
        1.  The page will automatically scroll if the dash goes beyond the boundaries of the page.
        2.  With auto scrolling, the 'Next' and 'Prev' Page buttons have been removed and a Navigation Bar added to the top of the page. This Navigation Bar can be removed with the new Dash Customize option.
        3.  Switching between scrolling and panning (drag and drop) in Android is now performed with a double tap on an open space in the dash.
        4.  iOS dashes need an open space to scroll (a dash with a backdrop will not be able to scroll) but you can still use the dash Navigation Bar.
        5.  Gauges can be moved off the visible area of the page (right and bottom) for creating a multi-page dash.
        6.  Icon gauges (Buttons, Engine Status, Regen State, etc) will now show their name below the gauge.
        7.  Border only gauges (boxes) are no longer forced to the back of the z-order. You may need to change their z-order for them to show correctly.
        8.  Windows shows the Title Bar Back button unless a 'Home' or 'Back' button gauge is added.
        9.  Single and double clicks work correctly in Windows.
        10. Numeric data now shows commas for 1,000’s values.
        11. The Engine Status gauge will only retrieve data every 5 seconds.
        12. Persistent fuel data is saved when you're not driving.
        13. The J1708 'Input Temp' gauge will show Air Input Temp if Air Manifold Temp is unavailable.

     •  Dash Map
        1. A Trip icon is shown for where a Trip starts.
        2. A Direction icon is shown for the current location and direction.
        3. Tapping the Direction (current) icon pauses/resumes the map.
        4. Single Tapping the map will center the map on the current location.
        5. Hovering/Tapping the Direction (current) icon shows the city, suburb, and state.
        6. Hovering/Tapping the Trip icon shows the start city and state.
        7. Text font size and Icon size can be re-sized in Customize Gauges.

     •  Info Page
        1. Fixed Android not retrieving Vehicle info (VIN, Make, Model, etc).

     •  Faults Page
        1. Fixed Android not resetting faults.

     •  Settings Page
        1. Added an 'Alert Duration' option to automatically dismiss an alert.
        2. Added a 'Max Torque' option for use in calculating Actual Torque and Horsepower (J1939 only).
        3. Added a System Setting 'Network Timeout' option for detecting network availability at App startup.
        4. Fixed Android not retrieving Vehicle info (VIN, Make, Model, etc).
        5. The 'Night Mode/Set Times' option now defaults to 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.
        6. Added a 500k bus alert that sets the 'Adapter Minimum Interval' to 300.
        7. The 'Retrieve Motorhome Info' option will show an alert and set the Adapter Minimum Interval to 300.
        8. Adapter Security is reset (new encryption) and an alert will be shown at App startup.
        9. The 'Use Bluetooth Low Energy' option is now the default for new installs.

     •  Fuel and DEF Page
        1.The 'Show Fuel Level Volume' has been moved to the Customize Gauges page. This allows each fuel level gauge to have a different setting.

     •  TPMS Page
        1. TPMS can now be configured before enabling it.

     •  App Colors Page
        1. Changed the 'Apply' button text to 'Update'.
        2. The page will be set to night mode if Night Colors is selected.

     •  Other
        1. Added a new back arrow icon to the title bar of all page
3 weeks ago
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Hello Mark

     Been a minute since I've contacted you. Site has changed a bit but program still doing good by me.  I can't, though, find the 'newest' Adapter firmware, I'm running a Gray/black Adapter and my Rig is a 2000 Monaco Dynasty with a 1708 OBD.  Does it need a Upgrade?

I see App version 10 coming out in a couple days. Where on the forums is all the info?  


2 weeks ago
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I'm just curious what framework is used for V10? Will the API's be updated as well for external access?