Saturday, June 15, 2024 3:41:36 PM

Reset Odometer?!?!?!

8 months ago
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I’ve had connection issues with my BF from the beginning.  Bought a new iPad, updated App and the device but I still have connection issues - constant reconnect/authenticating.  

Today, when I stopped to fuel up and log my mileage, THE RV ODOMETER READS 102,650 MILES. My last fuel up on Sep 29 with a ODO reading of 50,315 miles.   All I’ve done to the RV since the last fuel up is sit in a campground and try to get this BF to work.

This is a serious issue as I am headed to the dealer in Texas to look at new rigs and now my rig depreciated exponentially in one fell swoop.  

Any ideas?
7 months ago
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Jody:  Can you provide details as to Mfr, model, year of your rig? Do you know whether or not you have  dash instrumentation tied to a VDC or MMDC module? Does the rig use a FreighLliner chassis?   Greg A