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Nick:  great. Just curious (not sure what coach./engine combo you have there) - are you using the BF "Fuel Fill Up" button feature to indicate when the fuel tank is full on the BF fuel gauge? The ECU on the Cummins engines do track 'consumption rate' of fuel through the engine - so that in combination with the referenced dash button feature allows the BF fuel gauge to 'track' fuel level over time indirectly. Thx.

2 weeks ago

Dave/Nick:  Sounds like you both have coaches with Cummins diesels.. I've come across info from others on other forums explaining that Cummins engines (their 'ECU') does not monitor or log exhaust temps  - only air intake temps. The J1939 data bus and protocol that is used on the coach to allow the various eng, trans., etc ECU's to communicate does allow for exhaust temp data to be input/sent - but the Cummins engine ECU does not send that data as it not tracked /monitored by the Cummins ECU. Therefore the 9-pin connector that the BF module receives the multiplexed data from the different ECUs would not be able to provide that to the BF module/device. The same is in essence true for the fuel gauge info - the signal from the sender is likely sent directly from the fuel tank sender to the dash instrumentation in the coach - therefore is not included in the J1939 bus/data being sent between the ECU modules ecosystem/data and the vehicle  - therefore that does not allow BF to access that data via the 9-pin diagnostic port/connector in the coach and therefore can't be displayed directly by BF. Hope this helps... Greg A

4 weeks ago

Jody:  Can you provide details as to Mfr, model, year of your rig? Do you know whether or not you have  dash instrumentation tied to a VDC or MMDC module? Does the rig use a FreighLliner chassis?   Greg A

4 weeks ago