Thursday, September 21, 2023 3:48:24 PM

Data Adapter Causing faults on MH Dash panel

1 month ago
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Just received my Data Adapter and a J1939 to J1708 adapter. Using Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Tiffin 2000 Allegro Bus with Cummins engine. Downloaded a dash from the repository that was created by another owner. I picked one that was for a similar age MH. During initial startup (while the Adapter and app were trying to sync) my engine tach and speedometer (on the Bus) never powered up, and I received Low Oil fault and Low Coolant fault on the panel along with the warning buzzer. Data adapter was flashing blue. I disconnected it and my Bus panel became normal. What's happening?
2 weeks ago
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It sounds like you have a defective adapter .. or maybe a defective socket in your RV.  Suggest you contact bluefire at the support email address
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