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Can’t find firmware update instructions

10 months ago
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I made the mistake of updating my app to the latest version, I am getting all kinds of odd behavior, so I am having to update the firmware. I go to the link about how to update, and my computer tells me it isn’t found. Please update the link appropriately. Sigh. I am in the middle of the mountains in Wyoming, no cell signal but luckily I have Starlink. However I don’t have any idea where I will be in two or three weeks so I can’t send the adapter in for a firmware update either. Motorhomes have wheels, and we use all of them. Requiring all kinds of hoops is really an issue for me. I am lucky I even carry a laptop since I only use it once or twice a month. I do all my normal activities on my iPad.

[Note to self: NEVER EVER EVER update a working BlueFire app unless you plan to be in a major city with solid internet and phone service for 3 weeks. I have learned my lesson.]
8 months ago
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I'm guessing you have already solved this problem.. but, just in case... the instructions for updating the firmware can be found on the base pages.. specifically THIS page
You also didn't say WHICH versions you updated from/to  - you might also try going to the Google or Apple APPS pages and see if there is a further app update that might fix your problem.
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