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CAT support

3 months ago
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Over the past few weeks, we've been trying with CAT equipment - specifically a D11 dozer, and a CAT 785D truck. We've not been able to get any data from those equipment. We've wired them correctly according to the wiring diagram.

Can you please help?
3 months ago
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Hi -- can anyone help answer this please?
2 weeks ago
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Satish, This forum is a public community forum and the developers rarely get over here to answer questions.  If you need some help send an email to  It would also help if you provided some important information .. such as
The adapter you are using ...
Where you bought it (if other than the BlueFire website) Your login email if you did buy it from BF directly
Which interface you are trying to use (and the YEAR MAKE MODEL of the vehicles you want to use the adapter with).. most likely the 1708 buss .. or depending on the year of your vehicles, maybe even the 15xx buss??  I'm not sure the BF adapter will work with anything other than 1708 and 1939.
Good luck,