Saturday, June 15, 2024 3:59:43 PM

No Boost information

1 year ago
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I have a 2009 Thomas Bus being converted to a skoolie. It has a Mercedes Benz MBE926 engine installed, w a 9 pin J1939 diagnostic port.

I am not getting any boost information from the app. It is receiving some form of info as it doesn't have a greyed out N/A under the gauge. It always reads either "0" or "-20" (the lowest range I set to it incase it was wanting to show vacuum).

Going to the repair menu on the app also shows boost always at zero.

Is this a bug w the app, an interface issue with the MBE's ECM or operator error?
1 year ago
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Looks like the ECM is not sending it as all the Adapter/App do is retrieve the data from the ECM and display it.

If you're savvy with J1939 you can query the PGN using the System Settings Advanced Function page. See the Getting Started document for more on the Advance Function feature.