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Hardware 4.1 Adapters

9 months ago
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4.1 Adapter Updates
    •  New Bluetooth firmware.
    •  Stronger signal strength.
    •  Faster connection, re-connection and data retrieval times.
    •  Only compatible with BLE Adapters and App version 9.6.8+.
    •  Removed the Adapter Heartbeat. A disconnected App is now detected using Bluetooth rather than the heartbeat.
    •  Removed the App heartbeat to the Adapter. A disconnected Adapter is now detected using Bluetooth rather than the heartbeat.
    •  Two hardware versions:
        •  A manufactured version that performs a hardware Bluetooth factory reset (4.1).
        •  A 3.1 converted version that performs a software Bluetooth factory reset (4.1-C).

Note - Updating a 3.1 Adapter requires the Adapter to be sent in with a Firmware Update order due to the need for special hardware. It cannot be updated with the Firmware Update Program.
7 months ago
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Mark - I sent my 3.1 adapter in to you for the 4.1 update. Everything is working fine and seems to be more responsive. I occasionally get a dialog box at startup telling me that a 3.2x firmware update is available.  I have simply ignored. What should I do?  Thanks
6 months ago
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Don - Your updated 4.1 firmware version was 3.22.5. We are now on 3.23.0. You can either update this yourself or you can send it in for a free upgrade. Just note that this is a 3.22 firmware on the printed order when you send it in. - update it yourself - sending it in - updates
3 months ago
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Pardon my confusion.
If I have 3.23.0 I actually have the latest version of the 4.1 Firmware ?