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9.1 New Features:

  •  New Text Gauges
     1.  Added Engine Throttle, Accelerator Pedal, and Brake Pedal (with image).

  •  New Graphic Gauges
     1.  Added Engine Throttle and Accelerator Pedal.

  •  GPS Speed
     1.  Added an option that will retrieve the speed from the device's GPS.

  •  Speed in Knots for Yachts
     1.  Added an option for showing the speed in Knots instead of Mph/Kph.

9.1.0 Updates:

  •  View Dash Page
     1.  Fixed Def Level gauges not always showing correct data.
     2.  Fixed Simple Dash's Fuel and Def Level gauges showing 'Distance Remaining' incorrectly.

  •  Customize Dash Page
     1.  Added Throttle, Accelerator Pedal, and Brake Pedal (with image) to Text Gauges.
     2.  Added Throttle and Accelerator Pedal to Graphic Gauges.

  •  Customize Gauges Page
     1.  Fixed system error when setting ‘Circle Gauge’ and the ‘Match Needle Color’ option is checked.

  •  Trip Page
     1.  Rearranged page data.
     2.  VIN will not show if vehicle data is being ignored.

  •  Settings Page
     1.  Added a 'Use GPS Speed' option that will retrieve the speed from the device's GPS.
     2.  Added a 'Show Speed in Knots' option for showing the speed in Knots instead of Mph/Kph (Yachts only).

  •  Fuel and Def Settings Page
     1.  Added an alert message when changing 'Show Fuel Level Volume' that reminds you to change the End Values of fuel level gauges.

  •  Other
     1.  Added Demo data for Fuel/Def Tank Capacities.
     2.  Fixed Android keyboards not going away in some cases.

  •  Documentation
     1.  Updated the Getting Started document to 5.3.

9.1.1 Updates:

  •  Startup
     1.  Fixed new installs crashing on older devices with limited memory (eg. Samsung S7).

  •  Other
     1.  Internal changes.

9.1.2 Updates:

  •  Home Page
     1.  Fixed Trip page not showing in some Android devices.

  •  Trip Page
     1.  Fixed trip data not always showing correctly.
     2.  Fixed current trip data being corrupted by Demo mode.

  •  Fuel and DEF Page
     1.  Fixed DEF Capacity showing -999 and erroneous edit.

  •  Other
     1.  Internal changes.

9.1.3 Updates:

  •  View Dash Page
     1.  Fixed the following Text gauges not always updating:
          •  DEF Used
          •  DEF Economy
          •  Trip Distance
          •  Trip Fuel Used
          •  Trip Fuel Economy
          •  Trip DEF Used
          •  Trip DEF Economy

     2.  Fixed 'Regen Status' Text gauge icons not showing in iOS.

  •  Customize Gauges Page
     1.  Fixed the 'Gauge Spacing' option not showing when the 'Name' option is removed.
     2.  Fixed the 'Gauge Spacing Left and Right' options not working for Linear gauges.

  •  Trip Page
     1.  Fixed Trip data not updating if the ignition key is turned on after showing the Trip page.

  •  Other
     1.  The following will use the local device's Email App if the BlueFire Email Servers are not available (Android and iOS only)
          •  Sending the Event Log
          •  Emailing a Fault (not auto email)
          •  Emailing Trips
          •  Emailing the Data Log (not auto email)
          •  Sharing your Dash
          •  Emailing IFTA and ELD reports (Trucks App only)

Known Issues:

  •  View Dash Page
     1.  The Android rotating dial compass gauge's value or the gauge itself may occasionally disappear.