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Important - Read This Before Installing this Update

     1.  If you have an existing BlueFire for Trucks or BlueFire for Motorhomes App, you need to install the latest version first.
     2.  The latest versions are BlueFire for Trucks 8.0 and BlueFire for Motorhomes 6.0.
     3.  If you are installing from a 4.x or lower version, read the latest version's New Features Important message first.

Previous App Updates:
    •  BlueFire for Trucks Updates
    •  BlueFire for Motorhomes Updates

9.0 New Features:

  •  Multiple Application Support
     1.  BlueFire Apps' supports multiple Applications (Trucks, Yachts, Motorhomes) plus more.
     2.  The appropriate Application is selected during installation and can be changed in Settings.

  •  New App icon
     1.  The 'BlueFire Apps' icon is now a red/blue flame.

9.0.0 Updates:

  •  Startup
     1.  A new install allows for selection of the appropriate Application (Trucks, Yachts, Motorhomes).

  •  Settings Page
     1.  Added a 'Change App' option that allows changing the Application.

  •  Documentation
     1.  Updated the Getting Started document to 5.0.

9.0.1 Updates:

  •  Startup
     1.  Migrated BlueFire Apps requires BlueFire for Motorhomes version 6.0 and BlueFire for Trucks version 8.0.

  •  Home Page
     1.  Fixed page icons not working in Android.

  •  Customize Gauges Page
     1.  Fixed System Error caused by Trip Meter gauges.

  •  Faults Page
     1.  Fixed showing dealer list in the Dealer Search page.

  •  Settings Page
     1.  Added Yacht dealers to the Dealer Search Order page.

  •  Other
     1.  Internal bug fixes.

9.0.2 Updates:

  •  Startup
     1.  An invalid App Migration will no longer stop the App from installing.

  •  Home Page
     1.  A failed App Migration alert will be shown if the migration failed.

  •  View Dash Page
     1.  Fixed Text gauges not showing warning or danger colors.
     2.  Fixed Circle gauges not showing warning or danger colors.
     3.  Fixed Dash gauges Fuel Level, Fuel Tanks, and Fuel Remaining showing incorrect values when the Trip page 'Partial Fill' is used.
     4.  Fixed iOS vertical Linear gauges showing horizontal bar when no data is available.
     5.  ECM data not retrieved will show a gray NA text without Unit of Measure.

  •  Customize Dash Page
     1.  Load, Import, and Download Custom Dash options will restore the exiting dash if they fail.

  •  Other
     1.  Fixed GPS Location failing for Windows.
     2.  Internal improvements.

Known Issues:

  •  View Dash Page
     1.  The Android rotating dial compass gauge's value or the gauge itself may occasionally disappear.