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Yes, that's what I've experienced too. The issue still occurs.

I have my iPad about three feet from the adapter, with nothing in the way, so it can't be a range issue. I'm not sure if the adapter is defective, or the app has a bug.

(I have not updated the firmware on the adapter, so that may or may not be relevant.)

4 months ago

Email domain is

9 months ago

I just sent the log again. Not a travel day, so might have some non-travel events; last travel day was January 22nd. As usual, it stopped updating the dash every few minutes, and I force quit and relaunched to get it going again. Email domain is

10 months ago

It is still happening after updating to 9.7.2.

I just sent the event log.

10 months ago

I have BlueFire for my motorhome, currently on version 9.7.1. It is fairly unusable, as the iPad app keeps hanging; it stops updating the values without any error displayed. This happens every few minutes. Force quitting and relaunching the app often takes a while for it to display the dash again, then it hangs again after a number of minutes.

10 months ago