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3.10 New Features:

[*]Linear Gauges

[indent]You can now choose between Circular gauges and Linear gauges to show ECM data in a different visual format. Linear gauges can be shown either horizontally or vertically and include a scale and movable bar. There are a many options with Linear gauges and these are all shown in the Customize Gauges page.

There are some differences with Linear gauges between platforms.
[list=1][*]The Gradient Bar does not show on some iPads.
[list=1][*]Pinch and zoom is not available.
[*]The gauge Name and Value are not available in vertical orientation.
[list=1][*]The Gradient Bar option is not available.
[/list][/list][/indent][*]Navigation Map

[indent]A Navigation map can now be displayed in your custom dash. This map can be either a local map (Apple, Google, or Bing) or you can set it to always show Google maps if Google maps is installed on your mobile device. The map will show your current position and tapping on the map will navigate out to your local map or Google Web maps. To show the map, choose it from one of the 20 Text gauges.[/indent]
For more information on these new features, see the Getting Started document in the About page.

3.10.0 Updates:

[*]Customize Dash Page
[list=1][*]Changed 'Circular Gauges' to 'Graphic Gauges' to allow for both Circular and Linear gauges.
[*]Added a 'Lock Orientation' option that will keep your custom dash from displaying with the wrong orientation.
[*]Changed the 'Show Circular Gauges Only' option to 'Show Simple Dash' to accommodate both Circular and Linear gauges.
[/list][*]Customize Gauges Page
[list=1][*]Added a 'Linear Gauge' option that will change a Circular gauge to a Linear gauge.
[*]Added a 'Navigation Map' option to text only gauges (Text 1-20) that will place a map on your custom dash.
[*]The 'Spacings' option will now adjust for Percent changes (like Font Size does).
[*]Changing options no longer navigates to the bottom of the page.
[*]Fixed switching from Text to Graphic gauges getting confused with Text gauge settings.
[/list][*]Gauge Custom Colors Page
[list=1][*]Renamed the 'Gauge Scale' custom color to 'Scale Labels'.
[*]Changed the 'Scale Label' custom color to reflect the color of the Linear Gauge Bar or the Circular Gauge Non-Green Range.
[/list][*]View Dash Page
[list=1][*]Tapping a locked Map will show either Google Maps (if installed) or Apple/Bing Maps.
[*]Added the Start and End Trip locations to pins on the Map.
[*]Newly added gauges will be placed at the top of the z-order so they can be moved away from the default location of 0,0.
[*]Fixed system error when a backdrop Text gauge has only a day or night image.
[/list][*]Trip Page
[list=1][*]The 'Non-Engine Fuel Used' and 'Partial Fuel Fill Up' fields will show a minus sign keyboard for iPhone users.
[/list][*]Settings Page
[list=1][*]Moved the 'RPM Interval' option from the Settings/System page.
[*]Added a 'Show Google Maps' option that will show the web version of Google maps instead of Apple/Bing maps. Note, this will only be displayed if Google Maps is not installed.
[/list][*]App Custom Colors Page (from Settings)
[list=1][*]Changed the 'Input Background' default day custom color to Gainsboro for better visibility in iOS and Android.
[list=1][*]Fixed issues causing the App to crash and settings to get corrupted.
[*]Updated the Getting Started document to version 1.4.
3.10.1 Updates:

[*]Customize Dash Page
[list=1][*]Changing an existing dash to a simple dash shows a warning message first.
[*]Snap and Size to Grid will be set accordingly for newly added gauges.
[*]Fixed 'Snap to Grid Widths' vertical and horizontal being reversed.
[*]Renamed 'Snap to Grid Widths' to 'Snap to Grid Sizes'.
[/list][*]Customize Gauges Page
[list=1][*]Changed the Linear Gauge 'Bar Width' and 'Range Width' maximum to 100