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I'm currently on firmware 3.22.1.... my app updated to the latest, so I guess I need a firmware update.

Same problem as others have reported - the usb drivers for the adapter don't install.  The adapter does show up in device manager.

This is under the latest version of Win10pro.... it's a pretty clean install as I just use it for these types of things (Bluefire, Scanner, car programming, etc.)

Yes, I have followed the instruction exactly. I have tried about a bajillion USB cables, tried to install diver manually (navigating to the "drivers" folder should do it, eh? but it doesn't)....

Anyway to get a driver for this, so the firmware update can happen? For whatever reason, this wasn't a problem with 3.22.1, but now it is. No idea why. I did install the 3.22.1 on a different PC (that I don't have access to at the moment), so the firmware updater has never been installed on this PC.

Would just be nice to get the driver so I can do this.


1 year ago