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So, noodling around the internet and of course find the Bluefire adapter on Amazon. Three different models. one of the sellers has a large notice: For a better price and more info please visit the bluefire website. Price on Amazon was 190.00. So i visit the preferred website, find the price to be 230 and a notice if you buy from Amazon not a real deal and not supported. Now, why would a non auth amazon dealer provide a link to the real site and why is the notice for a lower price but it is really higher by more than 10%? What is correct? My RV is a j1939 bus so i guess all the adapters for this bus are bluetooth and will work? i cannot find any phone number and am not really comfortable with a company that hides behind a phone wall with no direct connection. i also notice so many answers here refer to other users for answers, not any direct support from Bluefire. So, if direct support is not available, then what is the import of the warning on the website that Amazon sales are not supported? Someone please explain for my ignorance.

11 months ago