9-Pin to 6-Pin J1708 Bluetooth Adapter

Our 6-Pin standalone adapters are no longer available. Instead you need to order a 9-Pin adapter along with a 9-Pin to 6-Pin converter cable or connector.

Our 9-Pin Adapter plugs into the 9-Pin to 6-Pin connector which in turn connects to the 6-Pin diagnostic port of any Class A Motorhome or Class 3 through 8 heavy duty truck. The Adapter is constructed of industrial grade materials, will withstand abuse, and is weather resistant.

Important Note - The BlueFire App defaults to connecting to a J1939 data bus. You must change this in Settings to 'Connect to a J1708 Data Bus'.

You first need to order one of our Adapters below:

9-Pin J1939/J1708 Bluetooth Android/Windows Adapter (Not for Apple).

9-Pin J1939/J1708 Green Bluetooth Apple/Android/Windows Adapter.

And then, with a separate vendor order, one of the connectors below:

9-Pin to 6-Pin Connector.


Key attributes of the adapter are:

  • Supports J1708 standard data messages. Check your diagnostic port for a 6-pin female connector. Newer trucks use a 9-pin connector which is also available here at the store.

  • Small form factor with a Deutsch 6-pin twist lock connector. The adapter can be locked in for long term use and will not interfere with driving. Power management is available for long term downtime.

  • Anodized aluminum casing with a lexan translucent cap. The Deutsch plug is sealed and the electronics are weather resistant. The LED brightness can be adjusted to suit individual drivers.

  • Communicates wirelessly with Apple iPhones and iPads, Android Phones and Tablets, and Windows 10 Computers and Tablets (Surface). For Android devices, version 6+ is required. For Apple devices the following are compatible:
    • iPhone 4s or later
    • iPad Mini or later
    • iPad Air and Air 2
    • iPad (3rd gen) or later
    • iPad Pro 9.7-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch
    • iPod Touch (5th gen) or later
  • Made in America. Need we say more?
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Connection6 Pin
Connector ColorGrey
BluetoothLow Energy
Operating SystemApple, Android, Windows 10
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