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9-Pin J1939/J1708 Adapters

9-Pin Adapter for heavy duty vehicles circa early 2000's to the present.

Note, you must have a compatible diagnostic port to use this Adapter. See the Getting Started document for more info on diagnostic ports.

If you do not have a 9-pin diagnositc port, you can use this Adapter along with a converter cable. See this link for more info on converter cables.

Important - This Adapter is not sold anywhere else other than here in our Store. If you find an Adapter on Amazon or eBay is is from a rogue seller and is not supported.

9-Pin J1939/J1708 Green Bluetooth LE Adapter for Apple, Android and Windows

The BlueFire Data Adapter is an electronic device that connects to a truck, yacht, motorhome, (and more) on-board computers (ECUs) and transmits information wirelessly via Bluetooth to BlueFire Apps, a mobile application that runs on Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows. The Adapter plugs into the 9-pin Deutsch diagnostic port of any Class A Motorhome or heavy duty diesel vehicle or yacht. The Adapter is constructed of industrial grade materials, will withstand abuse, and is weather resistant.

Note, the Adapter is not a Truck ELD (Electronic Logging Device) and does not support the Federal Electronic Data Logging requirements.