9-Pin J1939/J1708 Green Bluetooth LE Adapter for Apple, Android and Windows

9-Pin Adapter for heavy duty vehicles circa early 2000's to the present.

Note, you must have a compatible diagnostic port to use this Adapter. See the Getting Started document for more info on diagnostic ports.

If you do not have a 9-pin diagnostic port, you can use this Adapter along with a converter cable. See this link for more info on converter cables.

The Adapter comes with the latest firmware and hardware. You do not need to order the firmware update.

Note, the Adapter is not a Truck ELD (Electronic Logging Device) and does not support the Federal Electronic Data Logging requirements.

Important Note, the Adapter is only for 12 volt diagnostic ports. Plugging it into a 24v source will damage the Adapter resulting in an expensive repair.

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The BlueFire Data Adapter is an electronic device that connects to the on-board computers (ECMs) of trucks, yachts, motorhomes, (and more),  and transmits information wirelessly via Bluetooth to BlueFire Apps, a mobile application that runs on Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows. The Adapter plugs into the 9-pin Deutsch diagnostic port of any Class A Motorhome or heavy duty diesel vehicle or yacht. The Adapter is constructed of industrial grade materials, will withstand abuse, and is weather resistant.

Key attributes of the adapter are:

  • Supports J1939 and J1708 standard data messages and the new 500K CAN bus (green diagnostic port). Works also with the 250K CAN bus (black diagnostic port). Check your diagnostic port for a 9-pin female connector. Older vehicles use a 6-pin connector which converter cables are available here at our Store.

  • Small form factor with a Deutsch 9-pin twist lock connector. The Adapter can be locked in for long term use and will not interfere with driving. Power management is available for long term downtime.

  • Anodized aluminum casing with a lexan translucent cap. The Deutsch plug is sealed and the electronics are weather resistant. The LED brightness can be adjusted to suit individual drivers.

  • Communicates wirelessly with Apple iPhones and iPads, Android Phones and Tablets, and Windows Computers and Tablets (Surface). See the Getting Started document for device compatibility.
  • Made in America. Need we say more?
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Connection9 Pin
SpecificationJ1708, J1939
Connector ColorGreen
BluetoothLow Energy
Operating SystemApple, Android, Windows 10
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Shipping Only (Do Not include this with an Adapter Order)

Use this for shipping an adapter that we received without any shipping information back to you. This could also be for re-shipping an adapter that was returned to us for an incorrect address.

PressurePro Pulse 9-Pin Cable

9-Pin J1939 data cable for connecting the PressurePro Pulse (not the Pulse FX) to a 9-Pin Y-Cable. This is a data cable only. Your Pulse must be powered externally.

Important Note - This is for the PressurePro Pulse, NOT the Pulse FX.

Note that lead time is 2-3 weeks not including shipping and is not returnable.

This cable is 3 feet in length. If you need a longer length, you can get this 9-Pin Extension cable.

You will also need a 9-Pin Y Cable to connect both the Pulse and our Adapter to your diagnostic port.

Note that the Pulse is primarily used to configure your TPMS tire configuration and send tire data to the BlueFire App. So it does not necessarily need to be on your dash.


Update the Adapter Firmware

Due to personal commitments there will be no Firmware Updates shipped between June 16 and July 1.

Note, this update now includes the 4.1 hardware upgrade for 3.1 BLE adapters. This upgrade has significant improvements over the 3.1 version but you need to send your Adapter in to get the initial upgrade. Once your Adapter is upgraded, you can use the Firmware Update program for future updates. The Firmware and Hardware changes can be found at this link.

Very Important Note, the 4.1 hardware upgrade changes the App Setting 'Connect to Last Adapter' so if you are using this option, after you receive your updated Adapter, you need to uncheck that setting, connect to the Adapter and then re-check the setting.

Send your Adapter along with a copy of this order to the address below and we will update the firmware and ship the Adapter back to you according to your order shipping.

DO NOT Send any Adapter 6-pin or ALDL Connectors, just send the Adapter by itself.

BlueFire LLC

20250 276th Ave SE

Unit 264

Hobart, WA 98025-5012

Note, this is a PO Box and we check it every afternoon at the end of the day.