9-Pin to 6-Pin Connectors

Do you want to connect a 9-Pin BlueFire Adapter to a 6-Pin diagnostic port? Then this is what you need.

These connectors allows you to use a 9-Pin BlueFire Adapter on both a 9-pin vehicle and a 6-pin vehicle.

You can purchase one of these connectors from the following links:

Please Note - You will be purchasing these converters separately from another website and cannot be included in your BlueFire order. Any returns will be through the vendor's website.

Cable with Green 9-Pin. Note, this cable can only be used with the Green 9-Pin Adapter.

Cables with Black and Green 9-Pin. Note, the Green 9-Pin cable can only be used with a Green 9-Pin BlueFire Adapter while the Black 9-Pin connector can be used with either a Green or Black 9-Pin BlueFire Adapter.

Connector with Black 9-Pin. This connector can be used with either a Black or Green Adapter. Recommended if it doesn't stick out too far (5 3/8" including the adapter) and your diagnostic connector is solidly mounted.

See vendor's website for ordering