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#1 Posted : Thursday, May 6, 2021 8:44:04 PM(UTC)

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I have an operating dash on my Lenovo 8" Antroid tablet, but things just don't add up. I get decent info from the gauges (mostly text, but couple of graphics too).
What I really can't figure out is the trip data.
I have
Trip Distance - if a new trip is started at the same time as the original dash trip odometer, then they SHOULD ALWAYS MATCH shouldn't they? (at least until one or the other is reset). Mine don't. I completed a trip (getting all screwed up data in the trip report, but that's another subject). I prefer to START and END my trips during a fuel stop - have not yet tried the 'side trip' option. At my last fuel stop, I reset the dash trip meter and ENDED the previous trip and STARTED A new trip. Before I had gotten back on the interstate, there was a discrepancy - by the time I got home, my dash was reading 50.2 miles and my tablet TRIP DISTANCE was reading 25 miles. How can that be?

I also cannot seem to understand how the internal ECU miles are 'read' into the app.. in settings there is a 'correction value', but I can find NO CORRELATION from that entered correction value and any number I read on the tablet dash - my real odometer differs from the ECU mileage, but I can't find a value that I can enter that will make the tablet dash match the real odometer - it seems that some times it's on the high side of the real one and some times it's on the low side (without changing that offset value).

My trip MPG is all over the place and has only a vague correlation to actual manually calculated MPG. What ECU values are used to generate the MPG value and how is it calculated? My plan was to 'calibrate' it (using the values entered in SETTINGS) so that it was reasonably close to manual calculations, but that doesn't seem possible.

I'm also trying to use TRIP FUEL and FUEL REMAINING .. guessing (no info in Getting Started that I could find) that - starting with a full tank, the FUEL REMAINING, *SHOULD* be about to the Tank Capacity (100 gals) minus the TRIP FUEL USED .. and therefore the DtoE *SHOULD* be about equal to the remaining fuel times the Trip AVG MPG. How often is that calculated and really HOW is it calculated? Does it use the gal/hr times 'some factor' (would it be adjustable?) to get the DTE? or maybe those values are totally dependent on real time ECM info on Fuel Remaining (which my rig does not provide (06/Tiffin Phaeton)). For instance, right now, my tablet dash shows 25 miles for Trip Distance (when it was really just over 50), my trip MPG shows 3.9 (when it's probably more like 7.5)and my TRIP FUEL shows 6.4 (a reasonable number) my FUEL REMAINING shows 73.8 (when it's more like 90+ based on my fuel gauge and the TRIP FUEL (and my history for using the same station to the house). My DTE is showing 287.6 miles - which is about the correct dist based on the MPG and displayed Fuel Remaining. Can I assume that THAT Value gets recalculated whenever one or the other of those 2 input values changes?

My dash and LBCU fuel gauge seems to be quite accurate, but it is driven to dash and LBCU by dedicated WIRES rather than coming through the ECU data - that same setup used for the AIR TANKS too.. nothing in the ECU data. That means I HAVE to use the 'Calculated Values' for the trip numbers.

What should I be looking for? These numbers are over a small distance vs the tank and I expect a measurable variance from actual numbers, but I just finished a 1340 mile trip and the values wandered all over the place pretty much the entire trip. Seems the trip MPG would start off at some unbelievable value - either HIGH or LOW after a fillup (I set the 'wait to calculate miles to 20) and then the Trip MPG would 'wander' somewhat in the direction I expected it to, but not at a predictable rate. Sitting at a traffic signal for 30 seconds would drop the MPG by several tenths .. that would take literally HOURS to come back. Also, when I stopped overnight and started up the next morning, the tablet numbers were significantly DIFFERENT than those at shutdown. I left the dash on overnight, but, obviously shut down the engine.

OH. and another thing. I have a radio that connects to my phone via bluetooth - it stays connected and NEVER loses that connection once it's established. My tablet loses connection to the dongle about once every 3 hours or so .. with NOTHING else happening. It was MUCH worse before I updated the dongle firmware and updated the tablet to the newest version BF app - but I still cannot think of any reason why it should be disconnecting for no good reason. It then generally takes 4 or 5 tries to reestablish the connection and I'm not sure what data is lost during those disconnects and how it might affect the values and calculations in the app for things like MPG and DTE.

Maybe I'm expecting too much??
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