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#1 Posted : Tuesday, September 8, 2020 3:13:43 PM(UTC)

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4.1 New Features:

  • Added Compass Gauges
    1. Text and Circular gauges.
    2. Can be configured to show either a rotating needle or a rotating dial.
    3. Can show either the device's internal compass value or the GPS heading.
    4. Can be shown together with the Direction gauge showing both the internal compass heading and the GPS heading.
  • Added DEF Tank Gauges
    1. Level
    2. Temperature
    3. Urea Concentration
  • More DEF on the Drive and Trip pages
    1. Tank Capacity
    2. Fuel Remaining
    3. Distance Remaining
    4. Average DEF Economy

    4.1.0 Updates:

  • Home Page
    1. The 'Battery Warning' alert now includes a note on ignition switch power and a clean disconnect switch.
    2. Disconnecting the adapter while the 'Checking for Bluetooth' status is displayed will now stop the connection.
  • Customize Dash Page
    1. Added 'Compass' Text and Circular gauges.
    2. Added 'DEF Temp' and 'DEF Concentration' gauges.
    3. Uploading a dash will lock all gauges.
    4. Uploading a dash with Demo data turned off will show Demo data in the screenshot.
    5. Uploading a dash will return to the Customize Dash page after uploading (Windows fix).
    6. Home page to View Dash to Customize Dash (no dash), then to View Dash (new dash) will return to the Customize Dash page.
  • Customize Gauges Page
    1. Added 'Knob Radius', 'Needle Length', and 'Needle Thickness' to Circular gauges.
    2. Added a 'Rotate Dial' option for the 'Compass' Circular gauge that will rotate the compass dial instead of the needle.
    3. Added a 'Show Full Direction' option for 'Compass' Text gauges that will show the full direction (eg. South Southwest).
    4. Added a 'Show Numeric Heading' option for 'Compass' gauges that will show the heading instead of the direction.
    5. Additional edits for graphic gauge 'Warning' and 'Danger' Ranges.
  • View Dash Page
    1. Graphic metric gauges show with correct values.
    2. The 'Barometric Pressure' gauge is shown with the correct decimal place.
    3. The 'Direction' gauge shows only GPS heading.
    4. The 'Elevation' gauge shows 14,115 (Pikes Peak) in Demo mode.
    5. The 'Elevation', 'Direction', and 'Compass' gauges do not update in Demo mode.
    6. The 'Compass' gauges can show either internal compass or GPS heading.
    7. The 'Compass' graphic gauge must be locked before it will update.
    8. Gauges are only updated when their data changes. Previously they were always updating if you were driving.
    9. Single tapping a dash backdrop while connected to the adapter will navigate to the previous page.
  • Trip Page
    1. Added an option to connect to the adapter when starting a trip.
    2. A trip cannot be started until the adapter is connected and the ignition is on.
    3. Added 'DEF Economy', 'DEF Remaining', 'DEF Dist Remaining' and 'DEF Tank' values.
    4. The 'Trip Economy' value shows correctly if the Settings page options 'Odometer Offset' or 'Fuel Used Offset' are set.
    5. Ending a trip with a previous location but no current location will optionally default to the previous location.
  • Drive Page
    1. Added a 'DEF Concentration' value.
    2. Added 'DEF Avg Econ', 'DEF Capacity', 'DEF Remaining', DEF 'Distance Remaining' values.
    3. The 'Calc Avg Fuel Econ' value shows correctly if the Settings page options 'Odometer Offset' or 'Fuel Used Offset' are set.
  • Repair Page
    1. Removed 'DEF Level' and 'DPF Pressure' values as they're already on the Drive page.
  • Settings Page
    1. Added a 'DEF Tank Capacity' value to the Fuel Tanks page.
    2. Added a 'Use GPS Compass' option for using the GPS direction instead of the device's internal compass.
    3. Added a 'Got It' alert for calibrating the internal compass when checking the 'Use Compass' option.
    4. Added a 'Altitude Offset' option for correcting the internal GPS altitude calculation.
    5. Added a 'Heading Offset' option for correcting the internal GPS course calculation or for orientating the internal compass to the vehicle direction.
    6. Added a 'Hide Descriptions' option that will hide the descriptions of all settings and page options.
    7. Checking the 'Use BLE' option automatically sets the 'Adapter Min Interval' value to 333.
    8. Changing the 'Metric' option will no longer reset all graphic gauge ranges to their default values.
    9. The 'Adapter Connection Attempts' and 'Bluetooth Recycle Attempt' values are edited to be in sync.
    10. Changed the 'Bluetooth Discovery Timeout' and 'Adapter Connection Timeout' options to default to their maximum values.
    11. Removed the 'Reset ECM Data' option. Filling the fuel tank or changing Fuel Tank settings will reset the fuel data.
  • Other
    1. Alerts can only be responded to from their original orientation.
    2. Fixed system errors due to device rotations.
    3. Fixed a system error when restoring the App from the background.
    4. Fixed rotating a dash after the device had been laid flat (iOS only).
    5. A bad Android OEM version number will no longer cause a system error on startup.
  • Getting Started Document
    1. Updated to version 3.4.
    2. Updated section 'Connecting the Adapter'.
    3. Added a section on 'Retrieving Data'.
    4. Added a section on 'OBD II Data Bus'.
    5. Updated section 'J1708 Data Bus'.

    Known Issues:

  • View Dash Page
    1. The Android rotating dial compass gauge's value or the gauge itself may occasionally disappear.

    4.1.1 Updates:

  • Other
    1. Internal changes to fix adapter connection issues.

    4.1.2 Updates:

  • Faults Page
    1. Fixed Freeze Frame 'Torque Mode' not available causing saved fault files to show no data..
  • Other
    1. Fixed adapter connection failing when adapter is updating changes to adapter settings.
    2. Fixed updating adapter settings (Sleep Mode, LED Brightness, etc) that were changed when the adapter was not connected.

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