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4.0 New Features:

  • MacOS Support
    1. Supports Catalina MacBooks.
    2. BLE Adapter only.
    3. No Adapter Security.
    4. No Distance shown in Dealer Search.
    5. Next/Prev gauges do not support horizontal scrolling.
    6. Navigation Map gauge does not support click to see an external map.
    7. Text gauges label and value colors do not update (always black). Should be fixed in a future version.
    8. Customize Text Gauge option 'Text Images' sub-option 'Resize to frame aspect ratio' only resizes width or height (not both).
    9. No Graphic Gauges. Instead placeholders are created for designing dashes for other devices.
    10. Drop down selections requires holding down the mouse (standard MacOS).
  • 'Direction, 'Elevation', 'Dimmer', and 'Night Mode' Text gauges
    1. Direction and Elevation uses the device's internal GPS (GPS, WiFi, Cellular).
    2. Dimmer needs to be locked and works if the Settings 'App Brightness' works.
    3. Night Mode needs to be locked and will switch the dash between day and night mode.
  • Android Drag & Drop and Pinch to Zoom
    1. Single tap any gauge to switch between scroll mode and drag & drop and pinch to zoom mode.
    2. Must define Next and Prev Page gauges to navigate between pages in drag & drop and pinch to zoom mode.
  • Customize Dash 'Design Device Dash' option
    1. Windows and MacOS only.
    2. Allows designing custom dashes for other devices.

    4.0 Updates:

  • View Dash Page
    1. Added Android Drag & Drop and Pinch to Zoom.
    2. Direction and Elevation gauges will update every 10 seconds when locked.
    3. Gauge Range alerts, Engine Status alerts, and TPMS alerts will not show on initial display of the dash.
    4. A background image will show for horizontally scrolled dashes.
    5. Fixed system error when viewing the dash.
    6. Fixed the page locking when navigating away while gauges are being tested (shown max scale and back).
  • Customize Dash Page
    1. Added 'Direction', 'Elevation', 'Dimmer', and 'Night Mode' text gauges.
    2. Added 'Design Device Dash' option for Windows and MacOS that allows creating custom dashes for other devices.
    3. The 'Download Custom Dash' screenshots are now shown full size.
    4. The 'Upload Custom Dash' screenshot for Windows now shows only the dash window.
    5. The 'Load Custom Dash' option will now return to the Customize Dash page upon successful load.
    6. Fixed the 'Auto Resize' option not resizing an existing dash correctly.
    7. Fixed the 'Auto Resize' option not resizing a missing background image.
    8. Fixed the 'Auto Resize' option causing a system error and corrupting a new dash.
  • Trip Page
    1. If there is no current trip, the page will be shown in start trip mode.
    2. 'Fuel Tank 2' data will not show if the fuel capacity is 0.
    3. Fixed the trip end location being changed to the start location when the trip is saved.
    4. Better 'No Location', 'No Fuel Used Data', and 'Waiting for Ignition' checks and warnings.
    5. Starting a trip without Fuel Used data turns off the 'Show Calculated Fuel Level Gauge' option and uses the vehicle's Fuel Gauge and Avg Fuel Economy for determining Trip Economy and Fuel and Distance Remaining.
  • Logging Page
    1. Logging nothing no longer causes a system error.
  • Home Page
    1. Added an available and authorized GPS check when the Home page starts.
    2. Added a warning for older Android devices that do not support checking for orientation change.
  • Settings Page
    1. Fixed 'Odometer Offset' not working for odometers with high mileage.
    2. Changing the 'Do Not Use GPS' setting no longer requires an App restart.
    3. The 'Do Not Use GPS' setting can be used to retry the GPS connection.
    4. The 'App Brightness' setting is now available for supported Windows devices.
    5. The Fuel Tanks Setting 'Show Calculated Fuel Level Gauge' option now works with dual fuel tanks.
    6. Added System Setting option 'Orientation Dash Protection' for turning off orientation dash protection.
  • Other
    1. Fixed App crashing when showing some pages.
    2. Fixed App pages not entirely switching to night mode.
    3. Android and iOS confirm alerts now show the ok/default button on the right (OS standard).
  • Getting Started Document
    1. Updated to version 3.0.
    2. Added a Table of Contents.
    3. Added a section on MacOS.
    4. Added a section on Android Drag and Drop.
    5. Added a section on Orientation Dash Protections.
    6. Added a section on designing a device dash using Windows or MacOS.

    4.0.1 Updates:

  • View Dash Page
    1. Fixed system error when auto resizing a simple dash.
    2. Fixed system error when loading a large dash with a Direction or Elevation gauge.
    3. A notification will be shown when the dash is being auto resized.
    4. The dash will only be auto resized when shown from the Customize Dash page.
    5. The dash will switch between the Portrait and Landscape dashes when rotating the device.
    6. Optimized showing the dash when not connected to the adapter and at least one gauge is not locked.
    7. Added a 'Dash is not Fully Locked' warning when the dash is locked but at least one gauge is not locked.
  • Customize Dash Page
    1. Added a Fuel Fill Up check when adding the gauge.
    2. Added a Direction and Elevation GPS check when adding the gauge.
    3. The Auto Resize option is no longer saved with the dash.
  • Customize Gauges Page
    1. Fixed not showing the 'Name' for Icon and Border Only gauges after the 'Name' was removed.
  • Trip Page
    1. Fixed system error when connected to the adapter.
    2. GPS will only be checked when starting and ending a Trip.
    3. If the current location cannot be retrieved a notification will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Other
    1. Removed Dash Orientation Protection.
    2. Pages will re-orientate when the device is rotated.
    3. 'Fuel Level' and 'Fuel and Distance Remaining' will show data in Demo mode if 'Show Calculated Fuel Gauge' Level is set.
    4. Email improvements.

    4.0.2 Updates:

  • Home Page
    1. Rotating the page no longer auto connects to the adapter.
    2. Rotating the page while connected will re-enable the page icons.
  • View Dash Page
    1. The 'Auto Resize' option works as it should.
    2. Fixed system errors when connected to the adapter and showing a dash.
  • Customize Dash Page
    1. Added a 'Lock Dash Orientation' option that will keep the dash from being rotated.
  • Settings Page
    1. Added a 'Lock App Orientation' setting that will keep the App from rotating pages.
  • Other
    1. The App will force exit if more than 10 System Errors occur.

    4.0.3 Updates:

  • Customize Dash Page
    1. Fixed changing a Simple dash to a non-simple dash.
    2. The 'Auto Resize' option resizes to a larger device correctly.
    3. Removed the 'Auto Resize' option from Simple dashes (you can still manually resize the dash).
    4. Downloading or importing non-Windows dashes into Windows will resize circular gauges correctly.
    5. Auto resizing a downloaded or imported Windows dash to a non-Windows device resizes circular gauges correctly.
  • Other
    1. Fixed Samsung orientation issues.
    2. Fixed various other orientation issues.
    3. Added sensor detection for laying the device flat on a surface.
    4. Fixed system errors when showing page data while connected to the adapter.
    5. Added an additional warning for removing the Adapter before disconnecting the batteries.

    4.0.4 Updates:

  • Home Page
    1. The tapped Page icon will show as disabled before navigating to the page.
    2. Changed connection status 'Initializing/Initialized' to 'Checking Bluetooth'.
  • View Dash Page
    1. Fixed 'Average Fuel Economy' not updating if the Fuel Tanks 'Show Calculated Fuel Level Gauge' is set.
    2. Tapping an Android 'Navigation Map' locked gauge will offer a selection of maps to show (Google, Waze, etc. if installed).
    3. Gauges with warning and danger ranges on both sides of the gauge will no longer raise a false alert when the ignition is turned on.
    4. Fixed system error when a Simple Dash had Auto Resize turned on.
  • Trip Page
    1. Trip data will now update if the VIN is being retrieved or faults are being monitored.
    2. The 'Manual Location Entry' notice will now be shown if GPS is ignored for the trip.
    3. The 'No GPS Start/End Location' alert will no longer be shown if GPS is turned off or being ignored.
  • Drive Page
    1. Added 'Odometer' to the 'Drive Performance' section.
    2. 'Avg Fuel Economy' in the 'Fuel Economy' section will now show the ECM value.
    3. Added 'Calc Avg Fuel Economy' to the 'Fuel Economy' section and will show if the Fuel Tanks 'Show Calculated Fuel Level Gauge' is set.
  • Faults Page
    1. Tapping the 'InActive Faults' button will no longer cause a system error.
  • Settings Page
    1. Moved the Android 'Backup/Restore App' options from System Settings to the Settings page.
    2. The 'Show Dash and Show Faults on Adapter Connection' options now work after every adapter connection.
    3. Changing the 'Email Timeout' in System Settings will re-initialize the email servers.
    4. Added an 'Ignore Flat Orientation Warning' option to System Settings that will stop showing the 'device is laying flat' notifications.
  • Other
    1. Email is back online.
    2. Added a startup alert notice if email is not available.
    3. Pages will continue to update ECM data if faults are being monitored or VIN is being retrieved.
    4. Fixed various system errors caused by rotating the device.
    5. Fixed system errors caused by ECM data updating App pages before the page is ready to receive data.
    6. Improved adapter connection and re-connection.
    7. App notifications (at the bottom of the page) are no longer shown if the App is in the background.
    8. The App will force showing the Home page if more than 10 System Notifications occur.

    4.0.5 Updates:

  • View Dash Page
    1. Fixed system error when rotating a dash while connected to the adapter.
  • Trip Page
    1. Fixed retrieving VIN.
  • Info Page
    1. Fixed retrieving VIN and vehicle Info.
  • Faults Page
    1. Fixed resetting faults.

    4.0.6 Updates:

  • View Dash Page
    1. Fixed system error when night mode changes and the App is in the background.
  • Other
    1. Fixed system error when device is rotated while App is in the background.
    2. Fixed night mode not resetting in subsequent pages after night mode changes in the current page.

    Known Issues:

  • Customize Gauges Page
    1. A linear gauge may cause page scrolling to lock up in Android. Page controls still work though.

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